How can a person define overcoming their life’s biggest battle and coming out of it with flying colors. You know the feeling I am talking about? Well I sure hope you do and if you don’t then I truly wish you to feel it someday, yes thats what I felt the day I put the product on the shelf for the first time on October 07, 2019. Not too long ago and here we are now.

I didn’t start my journey knowing I will even get where I did so far. All I ever felt during this journey was one thing, I never wanted anyone to go through what I did, the sadness, the stress, the depression, the ugly feelings that make home inside you when you are loosing your hair. I don’t think a lot of people can relate and I sure hope they can’t, but that was my Troy.

Long story short, 5 years ago I lost my hair to stress triggered Alopecia. Hopeless, I turned to my doctors, they prescribed me steroid scalp injections, 27 of them, I only ended up getting one. The side effects were much worse than what I was willing to go through. I told myself I am already bald, whats the worse that can happen. Well guess what, I was right! I ended up doing my own research and the creativity in me forced me to explore more, theres got to be a way to beat this I kept telling myself. I ended up creating something which in the human world we call “Magic”…. And now that I had something and it had grown back my hair and gave me a new lease on life, I couldn’t just sit on it and not share it with the world and boy did I want to share it. That’s another story and I’ll save it for another time. But today was that day when after years of hard work, blood, sweat and tears along with uncertainty, self doubt and some more tears  later Amazing Saviour was on the shelf!

This is only the beginning, it’s a long road ahead and sky is the limit. We will get there together. It still gives me goosebumps when I think of all the people who have texted, hugged and called me to tell me how something I created is giving them the confidence they needed, how it’s making people happier and de-stressing them regarding their hair, which is already an over achievement for me personally. I’m glad that I went through what I did. You never know where your journey will take you, so enjoy the ride.

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