The Birth of Hair Saviour

"My Alopecia Areata had grown to almost full head. People presumed I was really sick. I started wearing headscarves. I still kept doing my research. Nothing helped. I came across a study that was conducted with rosemary against a leading ingredient. According to the research study "rosemary" had outperformed "that ingredient". An idea was born."


My Story with Alopecia Areata

Every destination you reach in life is the result of the journey you’ve taken to get there. Ours is no different.

The company was born much later but the journey started unknowingly in the early part of this decade.One of the most traumatic things I’ve had the misfortune of experiencing was when I woke up one day, on vacation, with half my hair on the pillow, visible bald spots everywhere on my head, not knowing what caused it, what it was and most of all what to do about it.

So, I did the one thing I could, I cried. I don’t remember how much.

Once I came back to my normal state, whatever normal was given the circumstances, I was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata. The doctor informed me the only treatment was to get injected in my scalp and put on extremely medicated creams on my scalp, which would most likely bring the hair back, no guarantees though, BUT would have other side effects like migraine, headaches, weak eyesight, joint pain…yes joint pain among many others…also unknown was the fact if my hair would come back again.

I agreed in an instant. I got an injection and I got a cream. I never used the cream and refused to get more injections. Once was enough. I saw no results.

Once I got back home from my vacation, I started doing extensive amounts of research on hair, I was bald and intrigued.

My Alopecia Areata had grown to almost full head except it left a fringe to the front. People presumed I had a serious illness. I started wearing headscarves. I still kept doing my research. Nothing helped.

I came across a research study that was conducted with "rosemary" against minoxidil. According to the research study "rosemary" had outperformed minoxidil.

"Rosemary thrives in a strong woman's garden"

I am an avid gardner. I immediately got rosemary plants and started working with them and created my own version of what my friends later called "the magic potion" and named me "Dexter" (from Dexter's Laboratory) as a joke.

I started using the oil and it really helped me with my sleep and headaches.

But I still saw no results, until 8 months later I saw hair come back, exactly the same way they disappeared, overnight.

I got scared that the oil would hinder in the process of my hair growth so I stopped. Because when you are going through something so traumatic, you get scared. I did too.

Fast forward 1 year, I had hair but brittle, dry, damaged, rough, short, uneven, split ends, different in length, you name anything bad about hair and it was my issue. I used every product on the market, from the $280 hair mask to the $98 shampoo. I gave myself regular hair treatments including going to high-end salons and spas.

I was so desperate that I was willing to give my scalp cuts with blades, because someone told me it would work. I didn’t do that.

The oil I had created before, I had given it to my daughter, she had fine hair and I thought I don’t want to waste the oil and it made a difference to her hair when one time I had used on her so why not finish it. I used it weekly on her. After a few months I realized that not only does she have thicker, fuller and the most extremely gorgeous curly hair but her hair had grown almost double in length.

I made some more treatment for myself.

The very first time I used it and came out of the shower, I will never forget that moment how I felt once my hair dried.

It was like a miracle.

I was looking at soft and bouncy hair that had life in them. I couldn’t believe it.

One year of bad hair and emotional torture and low self-esteem, and here I was looking at almost normal hair. I won’t try to explain my emotion here because no matter how hard I try I don’t have the words or depth to explain what it actually felt like.

People noticed right away.

Soon enough, my family and friends were asking for the oil, people were going through bottles of them and coming for more.

This went on for a good three years, until one day a very dear friend of mine suggested that she wants to pay for it because she felt bad that I’m always giving the oil away for free. It dawned on me how I can help so many more people out there. 

My journey was tough and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone but it gave birth to Amazing Hair Saviour.

Now looking back at it, I have nothing but gratitude for what I went through, it had to happen in order for me to come to this point, in order for Amazing Hair Saviour to be born.

In no way am I claiming it cured my alopecia because alopecia is an autoimmune disease but it absolutely has helped me get my confidence back.

After every storm there’s bright sunshine waiting for us all with beautiful rainbows, the only downside is in the storm your vision isn’t the best and you lose track of yourself. But the rainbow does come and if you stay strong enough and bare through it all, you’ll get to dance around it.

And this was how Amazing Hair Saviour was born.