Rosemary-Peppermint Natural Shampoo

Our Rosemary & Peppermint Natural Shampoo is thoughtfully crafted with gentle and effective plant-based ingredients. It is free from harsh chemicals, sulphates, and parabens, ensuring a sulphate-free formula that cleanses without stripping away the hair’s natural oils.

Embrace the power of rosemary, peppermint, and elderflower with our natural shampoo, and transform your hair care routine into a refreshing and revitalizing experience. Nurture your hair with a blend of care and natural goodness, and enjoy the beauty of a healthier, vibrant, and beautifully growing mane.



  • Rosemary helps to increase blood circulation to the scalp, promoting hair growth and thickness. It also strengthens the hair follicles, reducing hair loss and breakage for a fuller and more resilient mane.
  • Peppermint invigorates the scalp and provides a refreshing sensation. It helps to soothe scalp irritation and provides a healthy environment for hair growth.
  • Elderflower hydrates and conditions the hair, leaving it soft and manageable. It adds a natural shine to your locks, enhancing your hair’s luster and vibrancy


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Janine Wadman

I’ve used almost a full bottle & I got to say it truly is amazing. I’ve been using the oil for two years & my hair is unbelievably thicker


It's a great shampoo. The smell is very nice. Keeps hair fresh. Even though my skin is sensitive and prone to allergies, I trusted you, bought it, used it, and it's a great product. I am sure it will be a favorite product for me


I have just done with 1 wash since I bought this shampoo and it has enough lather to wash off the oil and leaves you with refreshing fragrance and smooth hair