"Ok this is crazy but I've been having crazy headaches all week and after I put the oil and laid down it got a lot better, almost gone and I was googling about rosemary oil and apparently it eliminates headaches. For me, it's made my hair look a lot fuller and soft."

Toronto, ON

"Recently had some pretty severe hair damage, and have been struggling in the past year to get my hair back to a healthy state. Thank you, THANK YOU to Parthenon and Nemean! It may be difficult to believe, but the results were noticeable after the first use. I have been massaging the beautiful oil into my scalp at night and rubbing it on the length during the day. The scent is subtle and lovely, and the feel of it on my hair is better than anything else I have tried, (and that list is long!) I am happily hooked!"

King City, ON
"Wow, this is a miracle worker! Ever since I started using the treatment all my friends keep telling me how thick and shiny my hair is looking"

Toronto, ON

"I got this as a sample and Im super impressed with the shine it gives my hair. Im a huge fan"

Toronto, ON

"I liked it a lot. I thought the smell was very subtle and I didn’t notice it. Also it didn’t get on my pillow either, which isn’t the case with other hair masks or oils. I also put the product to the test in the morning. I brushed my hair and literally only one hair came out which was pretty impressive. Also I like the packaging. With the dropper I couldn’t fill up the oil all the way so I just used the amount I could pick up. Loved the product I would def buy it and recommend it!!"

King City, ON

"You name it and I’ve probably tried it. This oil takes the cake. correction, this one takes the whole bakery"

Richmond Hill, ON

"My hair was completely toast because of all the curling and straightening, this oil has completely revived them. I leave it overnight because I don’t think it works for me well enough otherwise"

Toronto, ON

"Ive long curly, frizzy hair. I’ve also dyed them religiously. There was a point a few months ago when I actually decided to cut them short because there was no other way of saving them and I looked like I was walking with a nest on my head. I met this lovely lady at a store and she handed me a sample of the oil. I am amazed at what it has done. This is beyond amazing. I’m a life time customer. It saved my hair completely. I still have long hair but only healthier and shiny"

Toronto, ON

"I got a sample and used it once and my hair have never been softer"

Vaughan, ON

"I started using this oil 2 months ago in hopes to help my hair stop falling out. Postpartum hair loss isn't supposed to last 20 months! I needed help! I use this oil 1-2 times a week. I massage it into my scalp and leave it overnight. Then I wash it out the next morning. Almost immediately I noticed my hair felt smoother and looked shinier. About 1 month in I noticed a decrease in my hair loss. And now, 2 months in, I am a firm believer! I don't really remember what it's like to not have my hair falling out all the time but after brushing out all the loose hair after I shower, no more falls out! It is amazing! And I love that the product is vegan, organic, affordable, handmade, and locally sourced in Canada!"

Utah, USA

"Love this hair product, have definitely felt a difference in hair strength and density. feels great, smells nice and love that its all organic"

Richmond Hill, ON

"All that I have to say is that this product is amazing! I've always had a patchy beard that didn't grow right, but with the use of hair saviour everything changed. My beard is something I'm not ashamed of anymore! All thanks to hair saviour, I now feel confident growing out my beard. It actually works, I implore you to try it for yourself!"

Toronto, Ontario